About usAnido Project Management is developed by Reflectus AB. We have certified project managers responsible for the implementation of Anido.

Reflectus supplies project development, project management, project planning and other project activities to companies, organizations and the public sector. With our services and tools we create the conditions for successful projects.
We are convinced that "Project Management is not rocket science", and with a structured approach you can manage most projects. The challenge arises when project team members jointly are supposed to work out a result and achieve a goal.

We at Reflectus have many years experience of project work as consultants. We are passionate about project work but realized that we devoted more and more time to administering projects rather than to implement them.

We decided to develop our own simple project methodology, focused on results. We tested the methodology in a variety of projects and when we found that it worked, we developed a computer application based on the methodology. This application is Anido. Since 2005 we have continuously developed Anido, always with a focus on simplicity and useful features. To maintain simplicity, Anido can be adapted to user needs.

All the experience and knowledge that we collect when we work as project consultants is put into Anido to thereby we make our knowledge of project work available to others. Try our services and give us feedback on what you think is good and what you miss or want to change.

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