Project Manager
In your role as project manager in Anido, you have the overall responsibility for the information input and output in your project. Anido sets a common structure for the entire organization and it becomes easy for you as a project manager to provide the system with the right information.

You can easily plan the project in Anido using
  • Process flow chart
  • Report Templates for e.g. Project Directives and Project Plan
  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Resource Allocation

In Anido, you can report easily in different ways
  • Status Reporting. This only takes a few minutes and summarizes project's main components. The status is displayed as a traffic light for your project in the project portfolio.
  • Ratios. It is easy to report ratios from the project..
  • Budget. Report outcome against budget.
  • Schedule. Report how activities are performed.

View Status
When you report and enter information in Anido it becomes easy to assess project status. You can report status by simply using the progress report.